AKFAS Stock Advisory

We follow the 3-step filter to identify a company that can be included in our stock universe:

  1. High ROIC
  2. Reasonable implied growth expectations
  3. Low or zero debt

Once we identify a company, we carry out a thorough forensic analysis over the last ten years. Once we are convinced regarding the quality of management, growth expectations and margin sustainability, we recommend the stock with the appropriate margin of safety. This investment philosophy has helped us pick businesses that have strong fundamentals and are poised to generate good ROI.


Your details are secure with us.

Your money is safe in your OWN hands.

We do not control your demat/trading account.

How to sign-up for our service?

Step 1: Submit your investment details

Provide us with your investment details i.e. your existing stock investments for the portfolio review. We will set up a call or have an in-person meeting to understand your requirements. You will also be required to complete an online questionnaire to assess your risk profile.

Step 2: Create new or restructure the existing portfolio

We restructure the existing portfolio or build a new portfolio. We give equity portfolio recommendations based on client risk profile and market conditions. We explain the asset allocation and stock selection rationale to the client. The client can now choose to execute the suggestions.

Step 3: Client executes the recommendations

Clients execute orders in their own demat accounts through their preferred broker. The client shares execution details with AKFAS. Our team will accordingly update the online performance tracker.

Step 4: Monitoring and periodic review

We keep a keen and attentive eye on your portfolio. We conduct periodic portfolio performance review meetings. You can also track your own portfolio transparently on our online portfolio tracking platform by logging in to your dashboard.